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CLEARPOINT® - Compressed Air Heater

+1: Protects compressed-air consumers by reducing the relative humidity
+2: Accelerates manufacturing processes by heating up the compressed air
+3: Temperature adjustable, high temperature stability
+4: High functional and operational reliability, simplest handling
Compressed air heater

Condensate and icing can significantly affect the process reliability and profitability of compressed-air plants. Condensate in the piping system, caused by the cooling-down of the compressed air, leads to increased wear and tear, malfunction and an unsteady product quality. Quickly-expanding compressed air results in expansion coldness. This can lead to the icing of valves and control fittings. The process reliability is therefore at risk. Reductions in the smoothness of operation regarding breathing air and dental applications are also possible. CLEARPOINT® compressed-air heaters heat up the compressed air, thus reducing the relative humidity. The temperature can be adjusted between +30 and +60 °C. This allows optimum operating conditions to be precisely adjusted at the exit point. CLEARPOINT® compressed-air heaters convince in function and handling.

  • Ready-for-connection with a safety plug
  • Encapsulated corrosion-free stainless-steel heating cartridges
  • Temperature adjustable from +30°C to +60°C
  • Protection against contact optionally available
Compressed air heater