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Leading the way in condensate drainage

+1: No unnecessary loss of compressed air
+2: Discharge adapted to condensate quantity
+3: Sensor registers every type of condensate
+4: Unaffected by dirt
+5: Low maintenance
+6: Fully automatic monitoring
condensate drain

BEKOMAT® guarantees a short payback period

BEKOMAT® from BEKO has become the industrial standard because of its high reliability and particularly because it offers energy-saving operation without loss of compressed air. There are a number of very good technical reasons for this.

Compared with float drains, BEKOMAT® has decisive advantages, especially since it:

BEKOMAT® also has decisive advantages over solenoid valves, especially since it:

For all operating conditions:

A wide range of models makes it possible to select a suitable and cost-effective device for each particular application. The device can be adapted to all the usual supply voltages.

Sales record: 1.5 million

With a total of 1.5 million of units sold since its presentation in 1982, the electronically level-controlled BEKOMAT condensate drain has now reached a further international record.